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Hurt Cabinet

Is it mail? A package? Or is it a letter? Could a letter be considered mail? Is a package Mail? Essentially we got 1 thing that could be labeled as all three. Nonetheless it’s ticking. And I’m not ready to die.



The King’s Man Review

The stylized action in this movie matches its predecessors, but the balance between comedy and action was lacking. It was fantastic to see this story in a different setting, but the historical approach seemed like a second thought, with most historical characters feeling like they only scraped the surface of their roles. It’s not a lousy origin story, but I’m not sure it was necessary. This works on a hybrid, and it helps balance the constant changes in tone for this story. This feels like a discount version of The death of Stalin, but with more action.

Have you seen this before? Whats your favorite kingsman movie? Who’s your favorite character from the franchise?

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Double Take Literature

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